Names Alesa.22.I speak my mind,therefore there are no boundaries.I am a distraught child,so I might offend you unknowingly.At the same time,I am very caring when I should not be.Cheers.


20th Birthday (Part 2)

So, continuing on from Part 1, it was now March 1st. I had gotten ready for what I liked to call the 'real birthday celebration' even though it was by myself like it always ends up being. Off to the Portland Airport I went to meet up with my good friend who's also an Airport Operator at PDX. I had gone on a job shadow with him last year and we decided it'd be fun to do it again for my birthday! I made up an excuse to the HR Department that it was for another class this time and they are totally cool about anyone going on job shadows there. I hadn't been there in a while so it was nice to see familiar airplanes and that ugly green casino style carpet. Last year when I went on the ride-along it only lasted one hour which was way too fast, but this time we extended it to 3 hours! My mate had a few surprises under his sleeve and as much as I don't entirely like surprises, these were just too good. After taking a quick tour around some of the airfield, we went to the military base because my mate really wanted me to get in on one of the Redhawk jets! We went inside the base and met some of the national guard guys. One of them who was the meteorologist of the base took us to the jet. There's a white line you're not suppose to cross or else you get shot, so we had to go around to an opening that you're allowed to walk through. I'm not into military aircraft but this thing was a beautiful beast! One thing I wanted to get out of this trip is getting to touch everything I could, to feel all the planes I could. Everytime I go on a flight, I always feel the airplane before I walk in just to see how it's like. Most feel like a car but this military one felt more rustic. It only lasted about 3min. until we were asked to leave by another national guard guy because apparently not everyone was notified that we were coming in. At least I still got to get up close and touch it though! We had a convo with the meteorologist guy and what his duties were in the base, I could have talked to him for hours only cause he was really cute. I also got a sticker and two badges from them! Need to find or get something nice to put the sticker on, and get a nice jacket to put the badges on. The next surprise was to go in the Boeing hanger and look at how they paint the airplane! It is huge inside but the Aeroflot B777 they were painting made it look a lot smaller. I couldn't contain my amazement at how huge that airplane was, the typical ones you see at PDX are nothing compared to those 777's! Funny part was that I knew some of the Russian guys working in there because I follow them on Instagram but I didn't talk to them. Everyone painting the airplane are guys between the ages of 20-28. They are all so young but the manager who was giving us a tour said it was a very tough job, but they get paid bank. We got to go under the plane and see guys working on details like warning signs and such, and the propeller engine was freaking huge. I got to touch and feel it and I was in just complete awe of the whole airplane. It was weird looking cause it was all covered in paper so it looked like a big christmas present, but just to see the size was amazing. The last surprise was to get some photos taken in front of airplanes! We went to my favourite spot which is right where the airplanes land. They seem far in pictures and/or video but they are a lot lower. I was so excited when the first one was flying over me and my hair was blowing everywhere, I couldn't stop squealing. I knew at that point I had never been happier in my life, to have these huge airplanes fly right over my head was the joy of my life. No thing or man could replace my love for big airplanes which I don't know whether that would be considered sad but honestly they are my number one joy in life. Our trip was coming to an end but we pulled up to a Virgin America just to check it out before it was going to depart. I could see the co-pilot inside with his long brown fohawk and aviator sunglasses, and I kept waving at him until he saw me. He saw me and waved back, and I showed him the heart sign! He did a thumbs up and we laughed. After a few moments we drove to the runway they were flying off of. As they were going faster and getting closer I waved them away, and the co-pilot waved back right as they lifted off. I felt like my heart lifted off with them, it was truly one of the best moments of my whole life. Getting to spend a special day with my airport op mate and all those airplanes made it the best birthday I've had by far.
After that fun time at the airport, I headed to downtown Portland. If you ever look for me in downtown you'll always find me in the pioneer square area cause that's just usually where I always go. This time though I took a trip to NorthWest Portland which is where all the boutiques, organic shops, and hippies are usually at. My mission was to find a vintage boutique that some specific owns. I had finally found it and my chances of seeing the owner of the shop was literally %5 because I was told that no one had been able to see her there. As I walked in, my heart rate changed because the owner was in fact there. My next step was to ask them if I could take a picture with them, but I was dying from nervousness. I became way too scared and wasn't sure how to approach them. After checking out the shop, I left. I couldn't do it, so I went to this one popular ice-cream shop called Salt & Shaker which has weird flavours but I fell in love with their Sea Salt+Caramel ice-cream. Than I bumped into a hot fire fighter and asked him for a sticker, so he took me to his firefighter truck and gave me some! After walking around and checking the streets out, I was ready to go home but I knew I was going to regret not asking that owner of the vintage boutique bout taking a picture with me. So I went back and gently approached them and said I had a weird request but it had been my birthday wish to take a picture with them, and after they thought about it for a few moments, they agreed to do it! I was so nervous but excited! I couldn't believe I had actually done such a thing but now I have something cool to look back at. I was going to post it on this blog post but after some thinking I've decided not to just out of respect for their privacy...considering she is the granddaughter of Stalin.
It was a great day!